I'm Using Both Sides of my Brain Today

Today I'm wearing the hats of both writer and jewelry creator or should I say the brains? My day's task is indeed a ticklish juggle, an uncomfortable mix of right brain creativity and left brain analytical skills; but that's what happens when I'm writing a jewelry how-to. I create a piece and write about it as I'm doing it..... and then I take pictures.... It's a miracle I ever finish an article at all.

I've been writing jewelry DIY articles for years; the whole thing should come easily to me. But when I taught classes, the instructions I wrote could be simple because I was standing right there. If anyone had a question they yelled it out and I answered it.

Writing articles for online sites takes a bit more writing savvy. As I write I must put myself in the other person's shoes... or brain I suppose, and decide.. if I didn't know what I was doing, could I figure it out by reading what I just wrote?

It's exhausting duality, playing all those roles: writer, jewelry artisan, photographer, you and me... and getting all my words into a coherent narrative, often in a required 350 words or less. I'm tired and I haven't even started yet. 

I write for a few sites, but mostly Associatedcontent.com and Helium.com. They are always looking for good writers, you get paid for your work; and you can just write if you want to. They don't actually require that you work pliers, a camera and a keyboard at the same time; but where's the fun in that?


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