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Hate Me...Love My Jewelry!

Do Nice Jewelry-Makers Finish Last? The old expression, nice guys finish last, comes to mind sometimes when I think about selling handcrafted jewelry .        Years ago. my customers started calling me  the Nice Lady. What  began as an offhand compliment evolved into my handcrafted  jewelry brand and a  lifetime of  NICE . Being nice isn't necessarily a problem.  But if you feel compelled to hold your tongue when you should be sticking up for yourself, all that niceness is a handicap.  Like when trendy local art shows seek hundreds of applications (for the jury fees) but their clique-mentality prevents outsiders from getting a spot. Or when  your studio, art show booth, or online listing is so far away from the action no one will ever find you.  Or when someone copies your original handcrafted jewelry designs and makes more money with them than you. Or in general, when you do a ton of work but don't see the results ($$$) you expected. 

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