Hey Mom, Look what I did!

I haven't been in the mood to create jewelry for a while now. That doesn't mean I'm not still twisting and coiling and hammering wire. I'm not shipping orders either, but I did find a way to use tissue and packing tape. (I can be really resourceful sometimes) If I can get the technical part right, I'm going to upload a few pictures to let you see what I've been doing.
In case you can't figure it out, it's a Mother's Day card. I made it with a few reused bits of paper and adorned those with some of the wire work I should be doing for earrings and bracelets and things like that. I formed "Mom" with wire, added it to a wide piece of clear packaging tape, then taped it to a piece of metallic ribbon and that gaudy, yet endearing, animal-striped paper. I mounted all of this on a blank card, and voila!!  a Mothers Day card like no other! Here's another one.

For this one, I reused a pretty paper bag, leftover tissue paper, a gold mesh ribbon and added in a little wire woman with a mother of pearl heart. I may not be creating jewelry, but I think of these cards as bejeweled. 

Will I ever recapture my lost my inspiration? I'm not sure. But I am busy creating something...and that's all that matters.


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