Behind in my Jewelry Making But Ahead of You!!

I Should be Making Jewelry, But....
I'm so excited!

I was the third person to sign up to follow the Gladys Knight Jewelry Collection Blog. That's what I mean when I say I'm ahead of you. (I bet you didn't know she had a blog!) Well at least I'm ahead on something. For instance, I am supposed to be making jewelry right now.... but I'm blogging.

I hadn't thought of Gladys Knight in a while... Oh, I know the words to most of her songs, they've been part of my lifelong soundtrack. I sing along each and every time I hear Gladys sing, whether in public or in private, whether it's a good idea or not.

My respect for her as a successful black woman is renewed each time I see her on TV. But until a friend gave me a ticket to a Gospel concert where she was the director of the amazing Saints Unified Voices choir, I must admit I wasn't thinking about her...Not at all. I'm having a hard enough time keeping my mind on making jewerly.

After that concert, I was so inspired, I wrote an article about my experience. ... after all, I do spend more time writing and thinking about jewelry these days than actually making it. As I wrote that article, I could still hear her voice singing  in my ears, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me.".... I know it's not jewelry related, but if you ever get a chance to hear the SUV choir sing, go!!

Always Digressing
Anyway, just as I do every day, I've digressed from the jewelry-making idea I began with. let's see....
I love that Gladys Knight is introducing a new line of handcrafted jewelry. I love even more that she is using her bead-buying clout to purchase handcrafted beads from Kumasi women in Ghana.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but I am a corporate dropout. I left a 20 Insurance Claim career to follow my creative path. I spent years sharing my jewelry-making wisdom with inner city women; and I am impressed when a woman like Gladys Knight, who could offer for sale diamonds, gold or pearls manufactured anywhere in the world, chose to use beads made by Ghana women.

During her choral concert, Gladys Knight spoke to the audience. She said we were not there by chance. That we were all special. (Of course I've always known I was special) I didn't know she had anything to do with jewelry or handcrafted beads or anything remotely connected to my jewelry-making passion. Now that I know, I am inspired anew.

I feel like I am at the forefront of a jewelry trend..... and I found it before you did!

I know I said it yesterday, but way to go, Gladys Knight.


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