Friendly Plastic Jewelry?... Welcome Back

Oscar of New Orleans
the Friendly Plastic jewelry guy
A few years ago when I was in New Orleans, I met a guy at an open air market selling Friendly Plastic jewelry. I can't remember the name of the market, but it was on one of NOLA's main streets. I remember that the guy called himself Oscar of New Orleans and he had a booth filled with the stuff. It was actually pretty cool.

I was fascinated. I hadn't seen Friendly Plastic since the 90s before wire took over as the trendy jewelry medium of choice. I wasn't necessarily a big Friendly Plastic fan back then--frankly, I couldn't figure out what to do with it--but I knew a lot of people who considered it their go-to material. I piddled around with it a little before moving on to wire and metal.

I tried to find some

After I returned from New Orleans, I looked for Friendly Plastic everywhere. I figured if Oscar had that much Friendly Plastic Jewelry it must be coming back, so the crafts stores must have it in stock.

At the time I was a Featured Crafts Contributor for Yahoo Contributor Network, and I was always looking for some new crafty thing to write about. I decided I'd try a few Friendly Plastic jewelry projects and write my next article about my old pliable, colorful friend.

When I returned home--to Florida back then--I tried to find some locally. Friendly Plastic had been out of circulation for so long, the young clerks at Michael's and Hobby Lobby had no idea what I was talking about. 

I couldn't find it at Jo Ann or anyplace else, so I tried online. What I found was sold in bundles and ridiculously overpriced. I decided that I didn't need it that bad.

Fast Forward a few years

Imagine my surprise when I was scanning Pinterest and I just happen to run across a page called Friendly Plastic/insta morph.

From there, I found a link to Friendly Plastic Blog: The Art of Friendly Plastic. It's got tips and techniques and lots of information.

I also found tutorials and a Friendly Plastic TV Youtube channel.

From what I see, Over the past few years, that low-temp-molding plastic jewelry-making material has quite a following now. I still don't know where to buy it, but I bet if I go out looking for Friendly Plastic, I might just find some.

Update: When I went back to New Orleans in late September, I was pleased to see Oscar and his friendly plastic designs. He was still in the French Market and as popular as ever. 

I guess Friendly Plastic is back to stay.  


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