A to Z Blogging Challenge: Behind

Yes I am. I'm behind already
Of course I'm behind in my jewelry making. That's old news. Now I'm behind in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I was really busy yesterday, but that is no excuse. I will make it up today and since I am behind already, I will write on the black board 100 times. "I will not get behind in the A to Z challenge."
"I will not get behind in the A to Z challenge."
"I will not get behind in the A to Z challenge."
"I will not get behind in the A to Z challenge."......

Behind in Life
Okay, so what happens when you get behind in life? Things gradually fall apart. You get stressed. Your entire life dances on the edge. When  you get behind in sleep, for instance, you never get caught up no matter how hard you try. You get behind in your bills and that interest rate makes your balance explode.

Behind in Tivo
My daughter is behind in viewing "Ugly Betty" reruns on tivo, not to mention "The Young and the Restless,"  and all those other shows. She has so many episodes on tivo she will never, ever get caught up.

She and her husband are expecting their first child really soon. I bet she thinks she's going to get caught up on all those "Ugly Betty" reruns after the baby is born.... Do you hear me laughing? She might as well kiss America Ferrero goodbye. She'll neve get caught up on those reruns.

Behind in Writing
I do a series of freelance articles for Yahoo! TV. I get 12 articles assigned on the very first day of each month. "Kalinda Rocks" is one of my favorites. Check it out.

I have the whole month to do my TV articles. If I don't start them during the first week, I get behind and spend the last day of the month thinking up clever things to say about programs I forgot about because I saw them three weeks ago.

The moral of this story. Don't get behind!


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