A to Z Blogging Challenge: April

I can't believe I agreed to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Furthermore, I can't believe it's April already. That means I will blog every day for 30 days ... except Sundays. I suppose I should be grateful that there are only 30 days in the month because I will certainly be crazy by the end..

Each day I will concentrate on a different letter of the alphabet.If you reach my blog and find I'm spouting gibberish, please just punch the next button and come back the next day. I don't want anyone to see me that way.
I know I'm taking the easy way out, but I'm going with April for my first word.

April is one of my favorite months. When I did art and craft shows on a regular basis, April was my high productivity jewelry making month. I stayed in and concentrated on making jewelry so I'd have enough to sell when it was time to begin my endless schedule of  shows and events.

April is wonderful also because both my children were married during the month. My son and his wife have birthdays in April, as does my mother.

That's all I've got for A.... Thanks for stopping by.

The Nice Lady


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