A Year Post eBay Burn Out

I'm about a year behind on making jewelry. It was about this time last year when I began a slowwwww down that never quite picked up. 

I blame it on eBay. It took months for people to find me, but once they did, I worked day and night, creating, photographing, listing, monitoring auctions, packaging and zipping off to the post office to make sure I beat the last pick up. I got really good at it.

I shipped eBay packages nearly every day for about 3 & 1/2 years. I did it in the rain, snow sleet and hail... like a mailman I suppose. I did it on crutches and walking and without a car and on the bus sometimes.... It was all too much, not fun after a while. It was nothing like selling at an arts and craft show in the great outdoors. There you smile and laugh.

So it's only natural that I missed a day making jewelry here and there until I kicked my 1400 100% positive rating, (pretty good in eBay speak) to the curb.... then I walked away. 

I sell on ETSY now, a slower paced site.... at least from my standpoint. I never did get up to speed there.

I've spent most of the past year writing articles about jewelry making, I built up a nice body of work and was earning money here and there.....then Big Brother decided the whole site was a "content farm." They changed their algorithm and made my articles invisible to that big search engine in the sky... que sera....

So recently I've started  teaching classes.   That's a good thing. Perhaps it's my next THING

I really need a new thing.


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