Times Have Changed: Custom Graduation Cards by Etsy Artisans (The only old school color choice was black & white)

Times have changed

You know, I never thought about it until just this minute, but pretty much everything was black and white when I was young: socks, underwear, television, sheets...everything. (That sounds like something an old person would say, doesn't it?)

Now even graduates have choices. Thanks to the card artisans (cardisans) like Itsy Bitsy Paper and Gwen Marie Designs at Etsy.com, your graduate can have an invitation or announcement that's closer to something we people of a certain age would have chosen if we'd had the option. They can even add pictures, two or three pictures if they want.

What a newfangled indeed!

Now a grad can choose any color they desire. Any color!! If we'd had the option of a custom design graduation announcements, which we didn't, it would have cost hundreds. Now you can get a custom look for a very nice price.

Check out this article on Etsy Card Artists  I went through a bunch of Etsy shops. I was impressed with all of them and had a difficult time narrowing it down to those I believed were most different and unique.

It was a bit depressing really. I kept thinking how my old invitations were ...... black and white.

Come to think of it, our gowns were black and white too. The girls got white. The boys got black.

My, my, my.... times have changed.



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