Don't Let Your Jewelry Ideas Escape

Your Jewelry Design Diary

Creativity is a quirky, self-centered vixen. When you need it most, it smiles and giggles and runs away like a naughty toddler. 
Creative block is inevitable. You understand this if you've ever had to craft jewelry in quantities enough to stock an arts and craft show booth. It’s difficult to keep producing fresh designs, but what can you do?

You must grab those ideas before they escape forever!

Simple ideas hit you just like the big fancy ones

Jewelry designs arrive on their own time
You can’t force your jewelry-making muse to cooperate. She (or he) won't come just because you have a big event and need a well-stocked booth. Great design ideas don’t arrive when you need them. They pop into your head when you're driving down the street or talking on the phone. Or even deep in sleep.

It’s impossible to keep your creative juices flowing 24/7. They run sluggishly then kick into high gear when you are deeply into some other activity. It's up to you to recognize the urge, grab it, and hold onto it the moment it arrives. You must capture it immediately. You’re not likely to remember it when you have nothing else to do.  

Your design diary

Your diary of creative ideas doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy. Your drawings don’t have to be technically perfect. In fact, you don’t even have to call it a design diary if you don’t want to. You can call it “My Muse Book” or "Creative Revelations” or “My Thingies.” Your book can be an elaborate leather-bound journal, but it doesn't have to be. It could and should be small and simple like a little notebook.

When your design diary is pocket or purse-sized, you’ll have no problem carrying it wherever you go. What’s most important is that you have a process for capturing great ideas before they escape.

Do A Quick Sketch

If an Idea comes to you while you're driving down the street, grab a pencil and your design diary and do a quick sketch. (First pull the car over, please.) It's okay If you don't have museum caliber drawing skills. A simple line drawing is enough to document the basics of your idea.

Next list the metals, the beads, the colors, the dimensions. Write down your concept. Explain it in words detailed enough to trigger your original vision.  

Be diligent

When you pay attention to the way your designer's brain works, you’ll notice that some of your best ideas come to you in dreams. Others will drift through your mind as you slip in and out of that beautiful place between sleep and wakefulness.

That means you must keep your little book within reach. You must record your ideas now! Not later. If you stick with your design diary plan, you'll never be out of ideas. When you sit down to create jewelry for an upcoming event, you’ll only have to turn a page or two to find an idea that suits your creative mood.

What about capturing other “inspirations”

When you’re trying to jumpstart your creativity, everything is fair game. It's okay to check out the photos in glossy jewelry-making magazines. You can also take a class at a bead shop, but remember, everybody else will be using the exact same materials and creating the exact same jewelry.

If you get really desperate for inspiration, you can always stroll the aisles of an arts and craft show. There you can spy on other jewelry makers and 'borrow' their designs. Of course, if you are a true artist, your conscience won't allow you to do that. You need ideas that belong to only you.

Keep your creative edge

It's easy to lose your creative edge, but remember it’s only temporary. You can sit back and wait until your muse gives you a green light. If you have no ideas but still have to create, you can do repeats. When you’re hungry for new jewelry ideas, it makes you sad to create the same pieces year after year. But you don’t have to.

Your design diary will provide the motivation you need. Instead of abandoning your unique style and your desire for something new you design diary will give you an endless source of inspiration.

The Nice Lady

Rewritten from my article originally published on Yahoo Voices


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