Wire Jewelry - Make it Funky

Excerpt from The Nice Lady's ebook

Chapter 1 - Calling Out Your Funky

Funky Defined... just in case you didn’t know

  • urbandictionary.com - different but cool/nice
  • dictionary.reference.com - passionate, soulful, of or pertaining to funk
I’m not the official Funk Authority. That would probably be the late James Brown. The man practically invented funk back in the 60s. He sang about funk. He danced the funk. In fact, I can hear those Funky horns in my head as I type these words.

I’m pretty sure old James was talking about getting Funky on the dance floor; but his song, “Make it
Funky,” is what came to mind when I was trying to decide the theme and title of this book.
Of course, I don’t remember James Brown‒or anybody else‒calling out jewelry makers to surrender 
to their Funky style. Since I’ve been teaching my Funky way of making jewelry for a few decades now, I decided that I had to be the one to do it.

No rules

My teachings don’t follow anybody’s rules except the ones I thought up over my years of jewelry making. And because Funky jewelry making is a do-your-own-thing proposition, you don’t have to follow my rules either. That’s one of the important things about making it Funky. There really are no hard and fast rules

No projects

I wanted to share my wire techniques and a few metal and upcycling tips as well, but I’m not a project sort of girl. So I’m doing what I’ve always done. I’m sharing the way I do things--my tips and techniques with a bit of my craft-your-own-style philosophy on the side. I’m presenting options that can take you to the brink of mild-mannered Funky. You have to do the rest.

It would be really cool if you could take what I offer, wring the gritty essence out of it, and give your wire work a Funky rhythm that makes you shout, “HEY”! That’s what James Brown did. He called out the Funky with every tune he offered and it made him a star. As a jewelry maker, you can do it with
wire, beads, and metal.

Funky Big - Funky Small

It just so happens that when I slip into a Funky jewelry making mood most of what comes out of it is big, bold, even wild. But I can do lower case Funky as well. You can too. To create small Funky earrings, just use small tools--you know those tiny ones that fit in the palm of your hand. Then create the same shapes, use the same free-form creativity and Funkiness as you do when you’re making things big and Funky.

And what about the next chapter?

I'll share a chapter of my ebook from time-to-time. Subscribe to my blog and you won't have to wait and wonder when. The book has my go-to techniques. No projects, just techniques. None of that mind-numbing twist-and-swirl stuff everyone's into these days.  

If you'd like to read the whole thing all at once (for a really sweet price)

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Funky Jewelry Love,
The Nice Lady


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