If I Were the Queen of Handmade Jewelry!

If I ever become the queen of handmade jewelry, on my very first day I will issue a proclamation:

"Hear ye, hear ye, loyal jewelry-making subjects. From this day forward, thou art no longer required to make earrings that match."

Asymmetrical is funky

Look at the earrings above. Aren't they fun and funky? Isn't it obvious that I had a joyful time creating them? It's easy if you follow a few simple non-rule rules:

  • If you use beads, (sometimes I don't) keep them in the same color family.

  • When you work, go full-on creative, make each pair a dangly work of art.
  • If you run short of ideas, inspire your creativity with a theme. (I like Wild Woman.)
  • When you're finished, name each pair, like the work of art it is. Your customers will love that.
  • Remember: Just because you call them a "pair," it doesn't mean they have to match.

No, really! Your earrings don't have to match

I remember my first pair of non-matching earrings. Of course, I didn't think of my little boy and girl as non-matching until someone said, "Oh I just love mismatched earrings."

Message received!

My simple little wire "Kidz" are one of the few styles of earrings that I've done over and over again. People ask for them. They buy them two or three or 50 pairs at a time. Those little kids are what motivated me to create artsier, funkier, cooler non-matching styles.

Of course, you should still make matching earrings

As the Queen of Handmade Jewelry, I wouldn't demand that jewelry makers everywhere create only non-matching earrings. In fact, some people aren't ready for that kind of artsy/funky wearable art. They must have their earrings in true pairs, and you should give them what they want.

Just remember the non-matching idea as a royally sanctioned option. The next time you sit down to make earrings and you lay out your matching beads, precision-cut wire pieces, and store-bought earwires, think about doing it a different way.

Crafty Love,
Carol, The Nice Lady: Queen of Handmade Jewelry


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