A Big Bold Beautiful Woman Wants BIg Bold & BeautifulHandcrafted Jewelry

A plus-sized jewelry lover may wander from booth to booth at an arts and craft show before she finds a single piece of jewelry she wants to wear. You can be the one who gives her what she wants.

What does she want? A big beautiful woman wants jewelry that's big, bold and beautiful, just like her. Unfortunately, most handcrafted jewelry designers cater to the petite modelesque women portrayed in fashion magazines. I'm guilty too. I've been known to make standard 7-inch bracelets and 16-inch chokers, but these “norms” are far from normal.

Go Bigger and Bolder

You don't have to change your jewelry making style to create beaded jewelry for big and beautiful plus-sized customers. Just go bigger and bolder.

If big and bold jewelry is a new venture for you, test the waters. Experiment a few pieces at a time. Take one of your existing beaded designs and make it longer. Create a few plus-sized pieces to add to your inventory and see what your customers think.

You will need to make a few changes in the way you do things, but you'll find the changes worthwhile. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Create longer necklaces and bracelets

• Longer sounds simple, but how long should your pieces be? Check a site that sells plus-sized accessories online. You'll see 10-inch bracelets and necklaces a minimum 22 inches in length. Ask your customers about the sizes they prefer.

• Keep at least a few big and bold pieces in your jewelry inventory. You can always adjust the size if a tiny woman wants to buy them.

• Offer to add an extender chain to bracelets and necklaces. This will provide an easy way to accommodate both larger and smaller sized jewelry lovers with the same piece.

• If you're doing an art or craft event, bring tools and materials. Let your customers know you can make length adjustments while they wait.

Design bolder pieces

• Some bold design-conscious ladies don't just want jewelry that'a big enough to fit comfortably. They also want beautiful bold pieces that stand out.

• You don't have to change your beading techniques, just make pieces that are bigger, longer and bolder.

• Experiment with trendy, colorful beads in large sizes and unusual shapes.

• If you bead with wire instead of tiger tail, add in bold wire coils or other design elements or focal points.

• Create or purchase a bold pendant to dangle from the center of a beaded necklace.

Create big bold earrings

• Longish or big, beautiful earrings don't just appeal to big, beautiful women. Women of all sizes are drawn to big and bold jewelry that's unique and skillfully crafted.

• Make your inventory of earrings a mix of styles ranging from big and bold to small and delicate. You'll have something for everyone.

Ask your customers what they like

• Informal market research is the easiest way to gather ideas that work. Ask your big beautiful friends what beads, colors, lengths and designs they like. Each person will be able to offer some great insight for future designs. They'll also appreciate your effort at wanting to hear their opinions.

Once your plus-sized customers know you are willing to accommodate them, they will become  first-time and repeat buyers.

Based on my article originally published on Yahoo Voices.
Photo collages from "Wire Jewelry Make It Funky!"


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