A to Z Blogging Challenge: Dance

She Loves to Dance

Everyone loves her,
The  way that girl dances
They’re crazy with envy
Just look how she prances
She flings both her arms
Wild and high in the air
Then she shimmies
And she moves
Like she just doesn’t care
Her dancing is freedom
There’s joy in her prance
And everyone loves her
That girl,
She can dance

Written by a Nice Lady


  1. stong by from the A to Z challenge love the poem


  2. Great poem! Good rhythm and rhyme.

  3. I found you thru randomly hitting sites on the Blogging Challenge A-Z
    Love your Jewelry and love the name NICE LADY.
    The ONLY way I've been able to keep up with the challenge is not following the alphabet in order of the alphabet -- kinda like your jewelry.

  4. Very pretty. I'm glad I found this blog as well through the A to Z challenge.

  5. Great poem! Thank you for stopping by my place, by way of the A to Z Blog Challenge!

  6. pretty poem! looking forward to reading more. Great meeting you through the A-Z!


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