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No eBay This Year
It's the middle of the Fall Arts and Craft show season. This time last year I was knee deep in eBay activities. You know the drill: making jewelry, taking pictures of it, writing listings, watching the auctions,  getting the order details right, packing it up, printing the label and getting it to the post office before they shut the door in your face. whew!!

No Arts and Craft Shows Either
I'm not doing eBay this year and I'm not doing a fall schedule of Arts and Craft shows either. It's been so long since I've done shows on a regular basis, I'm not on anybody's mailing list any more.

You'd think that wouldn't be a problem in light of applications like Zapplication, the online art show submission process for this millennium instead of the last; but most of the shows I used to do don't use that service.

Handcrafted Karma

My stuff is just sitting on Etsy waiting to be found. .. well not the stuff, actually... just pictures of the stuff. You know what I mean.

I suppose that's justice, or perhaps Karma. I ignored my craft. I did more writing about jewelry than making jewelry; so eventually handcrafted Karma had to catch up with me and take my sales away.


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