I'm Quite the Crafty Writer!

I'm Quite Crafty!
Did I ever mention that I write crafts articles for Associated Content.com , Helium.com and a few other sites; but my work with AC.... now a part of the Yahoo! network, is the most challenging these days. At AC I have an actual title: Featured Crafts... or is it Crafting Contributor.

Yes, I'm one of a few AC Featured Crafting Contributors. That means I write at least 3 new craft titles each month......which shouldn't be difficult at all. I'm quite crafty!

My crafting days began with those sweet little cut and paste Vacation Bible School Crafts. I went on to drawing and painting in high school. As an adult I wore a corporate suit everyday and crafted nights and weekends. Talk about multi-tasking!

I've tried my crafty hand at everything from wedding cakes to banners and hand painted tees. Can you believe I used to paint the Cincinnati Skyline freehand on black tee shirts and sell them for 10 bucks at craft shows?

Thank Goodness For Gladys Knight
I've done it all.... craft wise that is, but sometimes those three crafty article ideas get stuck in my head. Thank goodness for Gladys Knight! I got inspired by her new line of jewelry and wrote an article about making rings. Her rings are particularly feminine and bold.

I've made rings before. I made wedding bands for my son and his bride; but I was never really big on creating rings in general... .too many sizes. But last month I saw Gladys Knight's bold and colorful rings; and while I'm not one to copy another person's idea, I did get inspired.

I created some quickie wire rings and wrote instructions as I curved and folded and swirled the wire. I didn't make anything fancy like GKJ, just wire rings with a single bead. I wrote a simple step by step article about my quickie rings and you can find it right here:  Make Quickie Wire Rings and Let Your Finger Do the Walking.

If you're crafty too, read my article and make a few simple rings; but if you want something really bold and feminine, don't forget to check out Gladys Knight's beautiful rings. For a peek, click here: Put A Ring On It!. You can also check her out on Facebook and twitter. And remember, some of the beads she uses in her line are created by women artisans in Ghana... another great idea.
 Make Quickie Wire Rings and Let Your Fingers do the Walking


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