Celebrating My Broken Fingernails

Who Needs Long Nails? Not Me!
These past few months my nails have been long, well not exactly long but long.... er.... than they've been in years. Now they're all broken, which is not exactly a bad thing. In fact I celebrate my broken nails!

Broken fingernails means I'm cutting metal, and bending, swirling and twirling wire again with artistic abandon! I got inspired last week, it jump-started my creativity; and I've been creating jewelry ever since. Not a lot. Nothing really fabulous or time intensive. I'm doing wire-work mostly; but wouldn't you agree that's a start.

Not that I've been sitting like a bump on a log doing nothing at all. I make jewelry, but I write about making jewelry as well, on Associated Content, and a few other sites. I kept writing even when my fingers refused to pick up my pliers, like this article I wrote last week on making A Wire Bracelet Even a Grandma Could Love  And writing doesn't break my fingernails... not unless I'm typing really fast.

Look What I Made! 
I learned long ago, the more hours I spend creating, the more my creativity blossoms into something unique and wonderful.....like my own personal artsy renaissance. This piece below, which I made Monday afternoon, is just the beginning of that process.

I call it  "Wired Up and Ready To Go." It's Dyed Agate and Copper and for sale in my Craftedbyanicelady shop on Etsy....at a very reasonable price I might add. (Not only did I make it; I actually got it listed!3 cheers for me! )

Using Tools = Breaking Nails
When I'm in a creative frenzy, there's no time to contemplate a kinder, gentler way to do things. I use tools the way they were meant to be used. Working my tools, whether bending wire or hammering or cutting with my old.... very old, jeweler's saw, is not exactly a delicate pursuit. (Ask any guy) And don't get me started on using a blow torch...... Yes, dear student, there are flames!

When I work, I'm always grabbing and pulling, hammering and twisting something.  And I break fingernails. One after another. Until they are barely there.

No Fingernail Polish For Me
Please, don't shed a tear for me and my broken nails. I've been creating jewelry for years and have, therefore, accepted my broken-nailed state. I stopped worrying about frayed nail tips long before the coming of fancy painted and bedazzled, inch-long nails and nail salons on every corner.

I don't wear nail polish as a rule, and I keep my hands tucked away in my pockets or under folded arms. I've tried keeping my nails perfectly filed and painted, but they still get raggedy and the polish just doesn't stay put long enough to bother.

Yes, my nails are breaking again, but it only means I've climbed up and over my creative block.

I celebrate my broken nails! Who needs pretty fingernails anyway?


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