Creative Block - Too Busy To Create

Aaaahhh creative block, my old friend.

Sometimes you just don't feel that .... artsy thing that allows you to create beauty day after day. But if you sell handcrafted jewelry on line or have a big art show or or craft show coming up sooner than you care to imagine, you simply have no choice.

So you make promises. You will get up at 5 AM on Monday morning. You will make fivc pairs of earrings, two bracelets and one necklace each day for five days straight. And you might actually rise at the designated time, but after you shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair, you may just decide your'e too lovely (or too handsome) to stay in and make things.

Or perhaps it's your home that gets to you, all that artistic messiness every where you look; so you clean the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. No one can fault you for wanting a shiny kitchen. Then you wash the windows to a streakless shine and your entire house to ultimate spotlessess. Of course, in this Stepford housewife mode you never create a single piece of jewelry; but your house is in perfect order. Besides, there's always tomorrow.

The Ghost of Art Shows Past
Perhaps the ghost of Art Shows past, a wispy creature with beads, pearls and semiprecious stones it her hair, paid you a call in your dreams last night. She, or he if you insist on political correctness, reminded you of the last Art or Craft Show you did.

It was, indeed, a bright, sunny day, a perfect day to make lots of money; but your booth was nearly empty from the very beginning. The customers love your work so they showed up; and one by one, you kept explaining yourself. "I've been busy with my children" or "I work days and didn't have time to create." Or worst yet, "I'm working through a bout of creative block."

These things may be true, but art show customers get up early in the morning and drive great distances to buy your pretty things. They wade through tons of online jewelry sites to find you and your goodies. If you have nothing to offer, they just walk right by or click the next link.

What To Do
Every jewelery artist has a bad day every once in a while, perhaps a bad week. Accept that; but if it goes on too long, you must motivate yourself to create anyway. Here are a few tips.

1-If during your neat-neat stage you packed your tools and beads away (hid them from yourself really) go get them. Lay them out somewhere so you can't avoid looking at them.(Not in a corner in the basement) Line up your tools, beads, whatever you need. If your creative tools are laid out where you can see them each time you pass, they will nag you until you pick them up and get to work.

2- Do get up at 5AM in the morning with creativity in mind. Have a cup of coffee, or three or even six. All that caffiene will give you a jolt of stamina and a creative charge. You will be so wired you will have to do something.... Perhaps you will make jewelry. (Aha!)

3- If you crave company, a group dynamic to inspire you to creative heights. fellow artists to toss ideas off one another until something sticks, find creative partners to work with.

4-Work while you sleep. No not sleepwalking.. or sleep crafting. As your head hits the pillow, think about the things you want to make the next day, the ideas you want to bring to life, the colors you want to use; and in the morning, you might just wake up inspired and ready to go. And no more creative block.


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